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Universal Orlando Resort Future Attraction at Islands of Adventure ~ Rumored Project 340~Kong

As construction for the Wizarding World of Harry PotterDiagon Alley nears completion this does not mean the end to Universal Orlando Resort‘s expansion plans.

Over at Islands of Adventure there is a tract of land. And if the rumors are true it will be the future home of a certain legendary cinematic ape. This parcel of land is located in between Toon Lagoon and Jurassic Park and was once used as storage area for the surrounding attractions.

Only time will tell if the rumors and speculation regarding this attraction are true, but considering where the rumors stem from I think it is time to start a #KongWatch.

I realize the majority of the pictures are the same but I didn’t want anyone to miss anything. lol

Once again I would like to thank Ken Storey for volunteering to shoot the video.

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8 thoughts on “Universal Orlando Resort Future Attraction at Islands of Adventure ~ Rumored Project 340~Kong

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  2. […] Pixels at the Parks aerial pics of Project 340/Kongstruction […]

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  4. Gorman

    I found the article. It was a January 5, 2013 Coaster Critic posting and they mentioned they saw the Toon Lagoon/LOTR transformation concept on Screamscape. So, several sources were at one time saying this. . . glad, I’m not going crazy. . . If they ever sell the Marvel rights back to Disney–Universal would hit a home run if they could get STAR TREK rights for the east coast. Paramount was going to build the park in Spain, but, I’ve read that is now on hold. . . To have LOTR, Potter and Star Trek . . . THAT’D BE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

  5. Gorman

    Robert, GREAT POINTS. I agree. I was remembering though that one online report talked about Universal execs looking at “Toon Lagoon” as a potential area for LOTR. People were speculating that the water rides could be re-themed into LOTR attractions. If that were the case–that’d be an incredible amount of space to really build a nicely themed area to such a dramatic storyline. . . However, I can not remember where I saw that speculation about Toon Lagoon being eyed as a potential site for LOTR. Remembering that post made me start thinking that this could just be the beginning of a massive re-work of Toon Lagoon and this new cleared area of the park.

  6. Robert

    From all the rumors and speculation I’ve seen, most everyone thinks this is the site of a new King Kong attraction.

    On a LOTR note, I’ve always thought that if, and that’s a big if, Universal gets the rights to build a theme park attraction that it would go into the studios side of the park on the northeast corner in the large open area next to Men in Black. I just envision LOTR being a huge undertaking on the same scale as either of the Harry Potter attractions in order to really do justice to the franchise and the only space large enough is at the studios (unless they completely make over an existing “island” at Islands of Adventure).

    One other possibility that I’ve seen speculated is to take the remainder of The Lost Island and expand it north into the backlot/soundstage area of the studios. I’m not sure how much the sound stages are used anymore with the departure of Nickelodeon and the roller coaster being built directly adjacent to them (I imagine the sound from the roller coaster plays a park in production at the sound stages).

    Anyway, that’s just my thoughts…

  7. Gorman Woodfin

    Strange thought. . . is there any way this could be a LORD OF THE RINGS attraction? I mean, after Harry Potter, what better franchise to add to the Universal Orlando empire. . .

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