Falcons Fury - 271

Falcon’s Fury Construction Photo and Video Update from 04/13/14

With the May 1st grand opening date approaching fast work continues on the technical construction of Falcon’s Fury. 

The R/V to the best of my knowledge has not to date made its first official test drop. The air tanks do not appear at this time to be connected and without this having been done it seems implausible that the R/V would have been able to perform all aspects of a full and complete drop.  Also of note it appears that other key connections have not been made at this date in time. So as of today the maint/catch platform and R/V combo continue to make slow ascending and descending journeys on the tower.

The wait time and ride regulations sign has been installed.  Notice the height restrictions.

Falcons Fury - 283

Pneumatic cylinders have been installed around the base of the ride to hold the seat assemblies stationary during load/unload.

Falcons Fury - 280

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2 thoughts on “Falcon’s Fury Construction Photo and Video Update from 04/13/14

  1. Anthony jones

    Will the (pantopia land ) be opening on May 3-4 for pass member preview.if the falcon fury ride n’t opening on that day. I hopes so I can’t wait.

    • Bob

      Pending confirmation from Busch Gardens Tampa, at this time I would have to say “No” but please check their Facebook page at for further updates.

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