Falcons Fury - 270

Pantopia Construction Photo Update 04-06-14

So, where do you put North America’s tallest free standing drop tower???? SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment along with Busch Gardens Tampa’s design and engineering team are in the process of completing the transformation of Timbuktu to Pantopia the home of Falcon’s Fury.


Not to long ago structures in this area were blanketed in faded pale pastel colors. Now the area is canvassed with beautiful bright vibrant hues. The old Timbuktu Theater which has under gone many transitions over the years will now be the brand new home to the show “Opening Night Critters”. The building that once housed an assortment of arcaded games will now be home to the “Twisted Tails Bakery” featuring fresh made pretzels form the original pretzel recipe that is used at BGW. The children’s flat rides are making their return as well with their own newly themed area.

Along with other new food and merchandise options that will be available here at Pantopia this area is sure to be a wonderful addition to the theme park industry as a whole. Pantopia will even follow the “Grandma Rose Rule”. VP of Design & Engineering for BGT Mark Rose once stated that there has to be a place for “Grandma” to sit while the grandkids ride. The Sahara Snacks building was demolished to make room for additional outdoor seating so there will be plenty of places to sit and be an integral part of the comings and goings of Pantopia.

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